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This last week has no doubt dismayed everyone with the terrible statistics surrounding COVID-19.  It has meant that we all face difficulties in how we manage our daily lives, including our Rotary involvement.  Change is something we all must manage, and staying connected is more important than ever, especially as we move into Membership Month.

Many of you will have received an email about the new look My Rotary, which is to be launched very soon. It promises to be faster, easier to navigate and accessible on mobile devices, and has a number of ways to make the life of club officers easier.  I encourage all Rotarians to log on to and make use of all the site has to offer.

We have also made some changes to both the Networker Team and Networker itself so that we can have a more streamlined approach to its production.  From this week, Networker will be in email format on a weekly basis.  For those who like a .pdf document, there will be a similar version via a link to print.  Articles, photos etc. for Networker should be sent to

Please note that Jeanette Leigh has stepped down from the role of editor and my thanks go to her for her work on the first four editions.     

Our first Business Leaders Breakfast for the year is to be held via Zoom on Tuesday 25th August in which I would like to encourage all Rotarians and their business associates to join.  The topic is “Building Resilience in Today’s Economic Business Environment” and will be presented by Michael Byrne who has an impressive background at Managing Director/CEO level within the supply chain and industrial sectors within multi-national organisations.  I’m sure many Rotary club members have a number of business connections that would benefit from the insights that Michael will share.  When Rotary commenced 115 years ago, we as members helped each other out vocationally through the sharing of ideas.  Today, with challenging business settings because of COVID-19, we must help each other and our business friends by connecting and sharing ideas that will help build business resilience. The link for the invitation to the breakfast is:

Rotary District 9800 Governor Philip Archer

The energy of Rotary comes from the collective energy of its members. In large and small ways, how we support one another and work cooperatively on projects is how we ‘do good in the world’.

However, we all have our ups and downs, and Rotary clubs are no different. Sometimes there is harmony, good humour, fun and effective projects in which we all take pride, and sometimes there are disengagement issues that affect everyone and may prevent progress. There are also some clubs that depend on a few people to do too much, which can result in volunteer burnout.  It is important therefore that we focus on the wellbeing of our existing members, as well as those we look to bring in to the club.  After all, new members provide energy, enthusiasm, skills and passion, which drive Rotary clubs forward.

Ready – Aim – Fire!

Selecting, managing and delivering projects that meet needs effectively can be a tricky business for Rotary clubs given there are lots of project options and many interested parties to consider.

Every club wants to ensure their projects succeed – but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin or how to manage the things that get in the way.  Clearly engaging effectively with your community in identifying the issues of concern and collaborating with the key stakeholders in developing solutions that will help those most in need are key factors in achieving a successful outcome.  But what is the best way of going about doing this?

Ian was involved in the chartering of the Rotary Club of Werribee in 1968, and became its President in 1972/73.  Since that time, he has been involved in all avenues of service, locally and internationally, served as District Rotaract Chairman for Rotaract for 3 years, and assisted with the commencement of 11 Rotaract Clubs in District 978.

My parents have always been heavily involved in their local Rotary club in Horsham and are my most admired Rotarians – My Mum is the current treasurer and my Dad has been involved with the club for over 40years. They have had various roles, including President, and have been to overseas conventions, as well as travelled to India to support polio eradication.

Anne was the second woman to join the Rotary Club of Hawthorn, just 3 months after the late Ngaire Cannon in 1994.  Anne and Ngaire would meet in the carpark of the Hawthorn Football Club before the meetings.  If they went in and sat down, their tables would be the last filled, so they planned their entry and split across the room.  The early months were a challenge but how things changed.  Anne served as the Club’s President in 1999-2000 and has held a role on most committees.

Established in the 1850’s Werribee, ‘halfway to Geelong’, evolved as a pastoral area, a centre of burgeoning housing construction and a hub of light industry. A railway link via Werribee to Geelong, built in 1857, cemented the town’s place in the development of Victoria.

The Rotary Club of Werribee was chartered in 1968 – Ian Knight and Tino Ballan are the two remaining Foundation members.

This Rotary year sees Michael Redding as the Club’s president, and, like all Rotary club presidents, he has been confronted with the challenges around committees under COVID-19.  So, Club President Michael has charged all members with choosing the particular club projects in which they wish to engage.

Rotary provides an excellent opportunity for members who like to try their hand at writing. This may include newsletters and editing Rotary Club and District Bulletins.

The International Fellowship of Rotary Editors and Publishers, which was charted in June 2003, is the largest of all the Fellowships, with many worldwide members.

An important part of this Fellowship includes the Rotary Global History Fellowship. This aspect offers access to many tens of thousands of individual articles, included in four thousand pages of documentation. As this is such an enormous amount of information, the Club has created a’ how to find it’ method of assistance.

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