District 9800 Bulletin
It was a long time ago that Paul Harris was born – 19th April 1868. Thank you Paul and Happy birthday even today.  He would be very pleased at the birthday presents we would be celebrating with him in District 9800 Clubs.  Some  of his gifts I was so happy to enjoy. 
On February 23rd, 2019, the Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour was chartered. 114 years after (on the same day) since Paul P. Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram E. Shorey met in Loehr’s Chicago office, on  23rd February 1905, for now, what’s recorded as the first Rotary club meeting.  
We are delighted to announce the formation of the Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour, the 5th club in the Wyndham cluster. On Saturday 6th of April 2019, we held our inaugural event at the Seasons 5 resort; a ground-breaking  ceremony to mark the club’s charter. This grand celebration was well-attended by visiting Rotarians, community members, as well as Rotary & community leaders.  
For over 20 years, Williamstown Boat Day has annually called upon Challenge’s finest pirates to join its crew and set sail to find the treasure and never-ending glory. We continued this tradition into 2019 with more than 100  Challenge lads and lasses embarking on a swashbuckling voyage like no other.