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Rotarians Helping Timor Office in Dili is organising two Annual Events:

The First Lady Cup

The Orphans & disadvantaged Children’s Christmas Party

Any support and assistance for these 2 event, we are appreciated very much.

On a cold and breezy Saturday morning in July, an enthusiastic group of Rotarians and friends from Rotary Central Melbourne had a terrific working bee at the store. They have done this a couple of times a year and on this day they filled a large skip with rubbish, unloaded two loads of school furniture , sorted and packed three pallets of sheets , towels and other linen together with a lot of clothing and had the opportunity to share some terrific fellowship over morning tea.

Sharing Club’s Presidents’ changeover events has been an utter joy and privilege. Thank you those who have invited the District Governor group. Apologies to the Clubs where we were not able to accept invitations. Some evenings there were as many as 5 changeovers held and only three of us available to attend.

I have been wracking my poor brain thinking of how we can promote ourselves. What if we create “World BBQ Day” so we can use the very image that we are trying to shed to our advantage. How? Watch out, I am going to get serious!

Last month, a polio outbreak was confirmed in Papua New Guinea, which had been  certified as polio-free in 2000, along with the rest of the World Health Organisation's Western Pacific Region.  

There has been one confirmed polio case in the Lufa Mountain settlement in Lae city, which was first detected in late April.