Public Image and Communications

Sandi Fulcher, Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern

District Public Image Chair



The District Public Image team is here to support clubs to maximise the opportunity to promote their clubs and Rotary as a whole. We need to all be brand-compliant so that we look like we are from the same organisation.   

Please feel free to reach out for any assistance you/your club needs in the area of public image.

The members of the Public Image team are:

Networker Editor - Cheryl Pisterman (Glenferrie)     
Networker Editor - Rosemary Waghorne (Canterbury)
ClubRunner supporter - Ronald Moss (Caroline Springs)
Technical assistance - Stephen Sennett (EClub of Melbourne)
  • How to update your club logo with the new theme:
Please use the link to the left that will show you how to change your club logo to include this year's annual theme.
I will send out at the end of each month the Monthly Theme for the following month - also as a reminder of the resource and focus that is available.
July:               Maternal and Child Health Month
August:         Membership and New Club Development Month
September:  Basic Education and Literacy Month
October:       Community Economic and Development Month
November:   Rotary Foundation Month
December:   Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
January:       Vocational Service Month
February:      Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month
March:           Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Month
April:              Environmental Month
May:               Youth Service Month
June:             Rotary Fellowships Month
District website

The District 9800 website ( supports District communications, both internal and external. It provides access to many resources for Clubs. The website includes a calendar of events, copies of the District newsletter Networker, current news, and important information from District leaders, including all Avenues of Service, the Rotary Foundation, and Governance.
A member access section includes important downloads and information about Policies, Guidelines, and Insurance.
All inquiries, updates, and additions to the website should be made to the Public Image Chair - Sandi Fulcher.

We are able to assist with the following: 
• Sourcing Rotary branded products and services, including logos, banners, signage, clothing and other items.
• Assisting with innovative public image and marketing strategies.
• Review your club’s PR assets, including your bulletin, website, signage, social media, and image.
• Help you improve your club’s PR assets, including your bulletin, website, signage, social media, and image.
• Help you achieve the Public Image elements of the Rotary International Presidential Citation.
For clubs who are considering changing to ClubRunner, you can begin by activating a free 30 day trial site. There’s no cost or obligation - and you and your members can get into ClubRunner within a few days. If you’re interested please fill out this form:


Networker is the newsletter of Rotary District 9800. Distributed monthly via e-mail, our aim is for every Rotarian in the District to receive it.
Networker is to share upcoming events, stories, projects - any information relevant to clubs and the district. Clubs are strongly encouraged to submit information about upcoming events in their club including articles, photos, and other material.   Please use the following template to provide your stories:
Networker Editor - Cheryl Pisterman (Glenferrie)           Email:
Networker Editor - Rosemary Waghorne (Canterbury)  Email:
Networker Producer - Sandi Fulcher                                 Email:


District 9800 discussion page is a great resource and source of events, both coming up and recent. Clubs are encouraged to share their significant Facebook posts to the District page and share District posts to their own club. Be sure to follow the page and share it with your club members today.


94.1 FM 3WBC: The Rotary Show

​​​​​​​The Rotary Show (more fully The Rotary and Community Service Show) goes to air live every Friday evening from 6 to 8pm. Listen anywhere with Live Streaming on 
The Rotary Show has three key aims: 
• Spotlight those organisations and individuals who help others in the community.
• Educate Rotarians on the depth and breadth of Rotary International.
• Gives an opportunity for those who want expertise in radio production and presentation.

There is a mix of music and interviews to break up the show. Podcasts of the show have been made and can be accessed via the District 9800 website or via itunes – search for Rotary Radio – Doing Good in Victoria by Rotary District 9800. The Radio Show team is happy to share their podcasts and interviews with other stations. The Radio station broadcasts on the border of District 9800 and District 9810.
Clubs are encouraged to like the Rotary & Community Service Radio Show Discussion Group on Facebook so that they can share information about their events & projects, suggest future interviewees & provide feedback to the presenter team. This show is for all Rotarians, get involved

Rotary Radio Contact: Jonathan Shepherd (Kew)   Email:


Rotary Events
Over the course of the year, the District is promoting a number of District-wide events. We encourage all clubs in the District to be involved in the calendar.

Rotary Showcase
Clubs and Clusters are encouraged to organise Rotary Showcases in both Melbourne metropolitan and regional areas. These should be in prominent locations, with the involvement of a variety of Rotary projects and programs.

Rotary’s Birthday
Celebrate Rotary’s Birthday on or near 23 February with your club’s own special celebration. What can you create that is memorable?

Rotary Down Under Products and Services
RDU products and services can be obtained by contacting RDU Supplies in Parramatta, NSW. Visit their website for more information and to purchase current products online.

Media and Rotary Down Under (RDU) Liaison
Rotary Down Under is the magazine for members of Clubs in Districts in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Media and RDU Liaison Manager: