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PDG Philip Archer

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“It’s all about the Clubs”

The Rotary District 9800 Public Image and Communications exists to support the Clubs within the District with Public Image and Communications matters.

In particular, we aim to:
• Assist our Club and District leaders to build and promote a strong and vibrant image of Rotary International D9800, enabling our members to belong to Clubs that are relevant and attractive to their community.
• Protect the integrity and value of the Rotary brand.
• Provide innovative Public Image and marketing initiatives and engagement opportunities to our membership via the District website, the Networker and all forms of social media.

District Website

The District 9800 website (rotarydistrict9800.org.au) supports District communications, both internal and external. It provides access to many resources for Clubs. The website includes a calendar of events, copies of the District newsletter Networker, current news, and important information from District leaders, including all Avenues of Service, the Rotary Foundation, and Governance.
A member access section includes important downloads and information about Policies, Guidelines and Insurance.
All enquiries, updates and additions to the website should be made to the District Webmaster and the District Website Content Manager.

District Website Content Manager

All website content must be approved by the Website Content Manager in consultation with the District Governor. Our aim is to provide Rotarians, prospective Rotarians, the media, community leaders, program beneficiaries, the general public, potential volunteers, donors and our current, and prospective, corporate partners with relevant and correct information about 

District Website Content Manager:  


Networker is the newsletter of Rotary District 9800. Distributed fortnightly via e-mail. Our aim is for every Rotarian in the District to receive Networker.
Networker will include information about upcoming events. Clubs are strongly encouraged to submit information about the upcoming events, and we would love for all Rotarians to submit articles, photos and other material.
Networker Editor:  Sandi Fulcher
Social Media
Rotary District 9800 recognises that people communicate in different ways. Our aim is to continue to increase our social media profile, in particular using Facebook and YouTube.
Social Media Contacts:  


The District 9800 Facebook Page (facebook.com/rotarydistrict9800) promotes Rotary within District 9800. The page has information and stories about District and Club events, activities, general Rotary inspiration and other items of interest. It is quirky, interesting and a fun way to know what’s happening in and around the District. We encourage every Rotary Club to like and share the page.


Accompanying our increased social media presence, is to continue encouraging the use of more videos to communicate news. All Clubs in the District will be encouraged to use video in addition to the traditional methods in order to tell their stories. The video can then be shared on social media, at club meetings, and in other ways.  We can assist clubs to produce their own (less than one minute) video stories, outlining a project, member or item of interest from their club. This need not be a big budget production and can easily be created on a smartphone or tablet.  These videos are modelled on Rotary International’s “Doing Good ….” series. We encourage clubs to engage with their local schools who have their own production equipment and a ready-made audience to learn more about Rotary. our District, our Clubs, our projects and our programs.

94.1 FM 3WBC: The Rotary Show

The Rotary Show (more fully The Rotary and Community Service Show) goes to air live every Friday evening from 6 to 8pm. Listen anywhere with Live Streaming on www.3wbc.org.au 
The Rotary Show has three key aims: 
• Spotlight those organisations and individuals who help others in the community.
• Educate Rotarians on the depth and breadth of Rotary International.
• Gives an opportunity for those who want expertise in radio production and presentation.

There is a mix of music and interviews to break up the show. Podcasts of the show have been made and can be accessed via the District 9800 website or via itunes – search for Rotary Radio – Doing Good in Victoria by Rotary District 9800. The Radio Show team is happy to share their podcasts and interviews with other stations. The Radio station broadcasts on the border of District 9800 and District 9810.
Clubs are encouraged to like the Rotary & Community Service Radio Show Discussion Group on Facebook so that they can share information about their events & projects, suggest future interviewees & provide feedback to the presenter team. This show is for all Rotarians, get involved

Rotary Radio Contact: Jonathan Shepherd (Kew)

96.5 Inner FM Rotary in Action (RiA)

‘Rotary in Action’ (RiA) can be heard on radio station 96.5 InnerFM and goes to air live every Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 4 p.m. RiA is a truly multi-District endeavour with Rotarians from D9800, D9810 and D9790 continuing the long standing tradition, with the continuing support of 96.5 InnerFM.  ‘Rotary in Action’ is a vibrant, magazine style format, aimed specifically at the general listening audience, with studio guests and Rotary community announcements, mixed in with some great music. Listeners enjoy the interaction between presenter and guest as they share the wonderful story of Rotary, via the FM radio band, on the internet and via social media and smartphone. Expressions of interest in becoming a guest on the show, or providing announcements to share with listeners, can be directed to

Greg King on mobile 0416 045 157 or via email on gregking.rotary@gmail.com

Rotary Events
Over the course of the year, the District is promoting a number of District-wide vents. We encourage all clubs in the District to be involved in this exciting calendar.

Rotary Showcase
Clubs and Clusters are encouraged to organise Rotary Showcases in both Melbourne metropolitan and regional areas. These should be in prominent locations, with involvement of a variety of Rotary projects and programs.
Rotary Showcase Contact: 

“Give Polio the Finger”
On 24 October, World Polio Day, we will promote Rotary’s leading global health project with a recognition of the purple dye on the finger of those immunised in third world countries. We will help clubs be out in schools, businesses and their local community to raise funds by painting fingers purple across our District.

Rotary’s Birthday
Celebrate Rotary’s Birthday on or near 23 February with your club’s own special celebration. It may be a “Picnic in the Park” or your own special birthday party. Use your imagination!

Women in Rotary
On International Women’s Day, we again support the Women in Rotary Breakfast. Check out the Women in Rotary website (rotarywomen.org.au), which will continue to be enhanced and developed.
Chair: Kerry Kornhauser OAM (Melbourne)

Support Clubs with Public Image and Communications
The primary function of the Public Image and Communications committee is to help clubs improve their own public image, communications and marketing.  
We are able to assist with the following: 
• Sourcing Rotary branded products and services, including banners, signage, clothing and other items.
• Assisting with innovative public image and marketing strategies.
• Review your club’s PR assets, including your bulletin, website, signage, social media and image.
• Help you improve your club’s PR assets, including your bulletin, website, signage, social media and image.
• Help you achieve the Public Image elements of the Rotary International Presidential Citation.
Rotary Down Under Products and Services
RDU products and services can be obtained by contacting RDU Supplies in Parramatta, NSW. Visit their website www.rdusupplies.com.au for more information and to purchase current products online.

Club Ambassadors
When Rotary Australia introduced its National Ambassador program, we personalised some well-known Rotarians and told their Rotary story. We encouraged others to join the conversation of Rotary. Jonathan Welch, Bev Brock and Rob Pennicott provided a public face to what Rotarians do and what we are across Australia, with billboards, banners and advertisements. Launched in 2015, the Club Ambassador program provides the next step and aims to replicate this personalisation at Club level. We encourage clubs to identify their own “Ambassadors” to tell their own Rotary stories. Using the real faces of real Rotarians, it will build awareness of your club and visitors will be excited to meet the Ambassadors, to show them that “This is Rotary”. 

What can you do?
1. Identify Ambassadors in your club.
2. Interview them and find what is important to them and to your club.
3. Take a photo.
4. Film them on your iPhone with a quick video and post it on YouTube or your Club Facebook Page.
5. Find another Ambassador in your Club.

How we can help you?
1. Help with your artwork to match the National Ambassador template.
2. Produce banners.
3. Provide language that is positive, evocative and effective.
4. Promote your Club’s Ambassadors across other media.
5. Celebrate your success!

External Relations and Media Liaison
External Relations – Business, Corporate and Government
Clubs can be assisted in developing corporate and government partnerships.
Contact:  Philip Archer

Media and Rotary Down Under (RDU) Liaison
Rotary Down Under is the magazine for members of Clubs in Districts in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Media and RDU Liaison Manager: