Rotary Keilor East is introducing an easier, and more cost-effective way to ship goods internationally.  We know that many countries in our region could benefit from the goods that are readily available from our Donations In Kind (DIK) and Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (RARE) stores. We also know that many clubs want to help, but mostly they operate in isolation.  A full container of material is often more than a project needs and is financially challenging for many clubs.  The answer is a shared container. 
The Club International Intentions Survey allows us to connect clubs with similar interests in providing aid and equipment internationally. If you have not done so, please complete the survey:
Rotary Keilor East obtained a District Foundation grant to help ship a container of educational goods and medical equipment to Timor Leste.    Other clubs can take advantage of the grant by shipping their goods with Rotary Keilor East's container.
If your club has goods to ship to Timor Leste it will never be cheaper or easier.  You will benefit from the Rotary Foundation Grant and there will be no DIK administration charge involved. If you are unable to help with the packing, DIK volunteers will do it for you.
All a club needs to do is to identify the goods required, arrange for the transport from Dili to the final destination in Timor Leste at their own cost, and pay the balance of the shipping costs – considerably less than for a full container load.  Rotary Keilor East will also be encouraging schools donating the goods and other clubs, to become partners in the project and share the costs. 
This is a model that could be used by other clubs shipping to different countries.
Rotary Keilor East is grateful to the District 9800 Rotary Foundation team and The Rotary Foundation for providing the grant to make this project possible. We also thank DIK, which will supply the goods and arrange shipping, and the volunteers who will help with the packing. 
In addition, we thank the Clubs that contributed to the Rotary Foundation three years ago – through your donation, you are partners in this project.
For more information contact David Dippie