District Chair Club Service

Sandi Fulcher

 Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern

Club Service has a diverse portfolio that relates to the health and vitality of clubs, the well being, education and engagement of Rotarians, and the effective and efficient administration of club business.

The portfolio consists of six main areas, with a Coordinator overseeing each area:

  • Planning 
  • Administration 
  • Fellowship 
  • Communication 
  • Meeting, Program
  • Recognition 

Objectives of the District Club Service Team

1.    To support the Club Service Chairs to identify Best Practice in their Rotary club and reach strong performance levels in 2021-22.
2.    Provide an an easy-to-use toolkit for District 9800 clubs with useful models, examples and links
3.    Support clubs to adjust to the challenges of COVID and the resultant adjustments required at club level.

Some activities within this avenue of service have become stand-alone roles in many clubs including; Bulletin, Website, Social Media, Fellowship, Sergeant, Protection, On to Conference and Program. The District team is happy to help clubs needing assistance in any of these areas.

Club Service Directors help ensure that these roles are undertaken in a cohesive and coordinated way to provide members with clear pathways to contribute meaningfully to their club. They also work closely with their Club President, Secretary and other Board members on matters such as meetings management, governance, risk management, OH&S, club culture, Working With Children and Vulnerable Adults procedures and financial health. They can offer advice, encourage innovation, organise resources and recognise the efforts of others.

Club Service should also promote the forward thinking needed to keep a club relevant through developing strategic plans and encouraging members to participate in the various learning opportunities available to them.

Well-run clubs that communicate effectively are attractive, vibrant clubs that celebrate their achievements and attract and retain members.

Speakers Bank is an excellent resource that assists Clubs in identifying and engaging interesting and diverse speakers to enhance their weekly meeting program.  Program Directors are encouraged to access the Speakers Bank database to find contact details of presenters who have impressed other Rotarians and their clubs. They are also encouraged to submit details of worthy speakers. The details of speakers who promote their own business or enterprise for personal gain will not be considered.

Networker is one of the many opportunities for communicating and sharing ideas, as is your bulletin, website and social media. Encourage the contribution of material showcasing club projects and achievements to the Networker editorial team.

Rotary Connects - a six-step process that guides community engagement, collaboration with stakeholders and solutions development for projects (Reg Smith, Rotary Melbourne).

Club Vision - Facilitation Program, that assists clubs develop a shared vision and long-range plan for their future progress through trained Rotary facilitators, and the outcome is a unique plan covering three years, designed and agreed to by the club’s own members. Contact is Chris Richardson at Rotary Essendon North.