Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd. (RAWCS) was formed to enable Australian Rotarians, Rotary Districts, and Rotary Clubs to assist disadvantaged communities and individuals through humanitarian aid projects.


RAWCS has a financial infrastructure system that facilitates fundraising for projects that deliver humanitarian aid and charitable support in Australia and overseas. Projects are registered through Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (RAOAF), Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) incorporating Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG), Rotary Australia Relief Fund (RARF), Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM), and Repurposing Medical & Health Equipment.

RAWCS Website:
For further information regarding RAWCS and its projects, please contact Lili Teichman (Rotary Activate Victoria) at
Below are a list of the Rotarians who are regarded as the go-to champions for the following areas:
     PROJECT           ROTARIAN/CLUB           EMAIL/PHONE     
Multiple Sclerosis
Martin Taurins
M: 0407 564 389
Rotarians Against Malaria - (RAM)
Water and Sanitation - (WASH)
Cecily Neil
Central Melbourne
Tel: 9682 3992
Donations In Kind (DIK)
Bob Glindemann
Environmental Sustainability
David Dippie
Keilor East 
M: 0408 174 773
Days for Girls
Carolyn Walker
Passport Club
M: 0417 337 616


If you are interested in doing a project in a specific country, the following Rotarians can assist you with a variety of relevant information:

     COUNTRY           ROTARIAN/CLUB           EMAIL/PHONE     
Vietnam & Indonesia
Rowan McClean
North Balwyn
M: 0412-966 066
John Burley
North Balwyn
M: 0417 353 965
John Burley
North Balwyn
M: 0417 353 965
Timor Léste & Pacific Islands
Sue McDonald
North Balwyn
M: 0404 849 286
Sudeep Maskey
Passport Club
M: 0432 592 422
Debra Sloggett
Keilor East
M: 0403-259 024
Matthew Proctor
Albert Park
M: 0412 010 546
Sri Lanka
Lesley McCarthy
Flemington Kensington
M: 0417 532 259