District Rotary 9800


Pray for Paris

At the recent Youth Exchange Camp at Anglesea, our French inbound student Cassandre Esquerre showed this video she produced about the recent attacks in Paris.

Rotary Minute - What is Rotary?

A 1 minute presentation on what different Rotarains think that Rotary means to them.  Everyone who joins Rotary joins for different reasons - Learn more about who and what we are.

This Is Rotary - Rotary International

What would it take to change the world?
Provide food to the hungry
And Water to the Thirsty
Teach Children to Read
And Keep them healthy
Shelter Families
And train a new generation
Give the poor a chance to better themselves
Create a worldwide Network of Peacemakers
And conquer a disease that has killed or crippled millions

What in the World is Rotary?

A presentation by Roger Climpson and the Rotary Club of Lane Cove, NSW.

International Women's Day Breakfast - 8th March

Setting the mood full of anticipation of what the morning is to bring.  Followed by Minister for Women’s Affairs, Mary Wooldridge opening the event.  She spoke of her support of our charity Violence Free Families, how it is serving a every growing need in the community.

This followed by a dynamic Beverly O’Connor moderator who tamed the fiery waters of our panellists Virgina Trioli, Dr Feelgood, Graeme Wise, Stephen Mayne and Peter Hollingworth (at last minute Fabian Dattner was not able to attend)… 

They discussed heatedly how in the corporate world little consideration is made for women... and the question was asked what can be done and how important it is to recognize men and women’s differences and building on their strength…with lots of take home messages like from Mary Wooldrige.

Her quote :"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough" gave all of us a challenge!

Walk in Her Shoes

Every day in many countries around the world, women and girls walk miles to collect water or go to school and the CARE  Walk in Her Shoes campaign aims to raise funds to provide clean and accessible water and assist lift these communities out of poverty. 

World of Difference Humanatarian Travel

It has been quite surreal and timely that 'The Age' articles of the last 2 weeks have been published while Rithy has been in Australia. Rithy, who is our Cambodia guide, and more importantly effective local advisor as to what needs doing and how to go about it, has long been outspoken on the issue.  

The Age reports on orphanages where children are separated from their parents. Worse than that, some children are abused and forced to live in subhuman conditions.  Both articles and also a video commentary by an Australian that is involved in friends project in Cambodia.