Over the last three years, Rotary Hoppers Crossing's International Committee has provided funding to sponsor eight (8) scholarships for poor, orphaned children in Pakistan.
These scholarships aim to transform the lives of students who otherwise would not be able to pay for tuition. The scholarship program involves collaborating with the Ghazali Educational Trust (GET) which is actively involved in running schools for disadvantaged students in Pakistan. These scholarships enable the students to graduate at the end of the 3-year program.
The Ghazali Education Trust (the Trust) selects students who have demonstrated exceptional educational promise but would not be able to attend college due to their low social-economic status. The Trust also provides Rotary Hoppers Crossing with regular 6-monthly reports on the student’s progress.  To date, reports have been excellent with all students showing scores ranging from 58% to 82%. The results of a survey indicated that the majority of the students aspired to be medical doctors at the conclusion of their study program.
Initially, the scholarship program assisted two students and has now expanded to eight students. Aziz Arshed, a member of Rotary Hoppers Crossing’s International Committee, stated “these scholarships are transformational since they provide the selected students with an opportunity to fulfill their potential in a country which has limited resources to provide education for all”.
We encourage other Rotary clubs in District 9800 to join us to expand this program to other deserving students in Pakistan.
Dr Bob Fairclough
Rotary Hoppers Crossing