One Millennial with an idea brought together the resources and energy of a major Corporate Sponsor, KPMG and Rotary.

When newly recruited Rotarian Danielle Schutte mentioned her employer KPMG’s commitment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals over breakfast with PP Melissa McIntosh, she could not have anticipated the enthusiastic support of DG Dale Hoy, DGN Ron Payne and a duly constituted team of Assistant Governors and Presidents of Clubs.

The following Clubs are offering exciting volunteering opportunities to KPMG; and any Rotarians, or other interested volunteers. 

Please contact the listed Club contact(s) should you be able, or interested, to assist:

  1. Balwyn. Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market Public Image Strategy. President:
  2. North Balwyn. Best Practice Health Check on Social Media and Communication. President:
  3. Camberwell. Business Strategic Plan for the Camberwell Arts Show. President:
  4. Canterbury. FORaMEAL food packing. President:
  5. eClub of Melbourne. Impact for Women. Packing of Gifts.
  6. eClub of Melbourne. Nourish. Preparation and delivery of meals. Assistant Governor
  7. Port Melbourne. Packing and delivery of left-over bakery products. Masq Madkhul
  8. Melbourne South. Heart Gardening Project. Creating a kitchen garden. President: Wendy Stirling
  9. Port Phillip. Membership, Sponsorship and Digital Platform Workshop. President: Wendy Stirling
  10. Albert Park. Online database and book sale. President:
  11. Glenferrie. Boroondara Farmers’ Market Day setup, operation and packing up. President:
  12. Hawthorn. Corporate Sector Fund Raising Strategy. Dr Peter Lugg
  13. Kew. Fair Trade and Gift Shop website postings.
  14. Carlton. Public Awareness and Promotion of Re-Usable Bag Workshop.
  15. Fitzroy. Sorting and packing shoes, socks, and foot kits for donation. President: Anthea
  16. Collingwood. Working with Students cataloguing Chinese and English Books. President:
  17. Richmond. Worawa Aboriginal College Gardening. President:
  18. Richmond. Review of process, system, and communication for literary award. Maria Makris
  19. Southbank. Public Image and Communication Workshop. President:
  20. Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network. Warehousing duties and drafting Business Plan. or
  21. Castlemaine. Operational Review of the Castlemaine Rotary Truck Show. Kerry Anderson

We plan to make this an annual event with KPMG and other community groups. If you have a lead, tip or connection for Rotary to pursue, and/or if you require any further information, please contact:

Assistant Governor Lili Teichman
Assistant Governor Murray Anderson
Assistant Governor Graeme Hope
Assistant Governor Casey J Tan