Click here for list of District Zoom Meetings 

To ensure we stay connected at this difficult time DG Grant has organised Zoom Meetings
The meetings will occur weekly now that most Clubs are meeting by ZOOM
Meeting times will be advertised on the D9800 website Home page under Events
Why not visit other D9800 Club Zoom Meetings or choose from others around the World


To join the D9800 Zoom Meeting:

Use this link to open the Zoom window  OR enter 103410322 as the Meeting ID in the Zoom App

Zoom video conferencing works best if you
  • If using a laptop elevate it 15cms off the desk so that we are not looking up your nose
  • If there are problems with your video restart your Computer. 
  • Make sure that there are no other programs running at the same time e.g. email
  • Use a headset such as earbuds used with your smartphone
  • Mute your microphone unless speaking to other Zoom participants
Further information on using Zoom