Solar Smiles Dental Charity
Solar Smiles’ purpose is to deliver dental education and treatment to underprivileged communities, including students, local teachers and healthcare professionals, and the community at large.
Educating teachers and community leaders how to deliver continuing oral hygiene education within their communities helps reduce dental issues in the future, improves individual health, and ultimately improves the life of community members.

A little bit more about this project.....

Solar Smiles Dental Charity provides dental treatment in challenging environments in rural Maubisse, Timor Leste.
Name of the project 
Solar Smiles Dental Charity
What was/is the opportunity that led to the project being created?  
A lack of dental treatment and poor dental hygiene in the children of Maubisse
What did the project involve?  
Transportation of dental equipment, including solar-powered equipment, and consumables from Australia to Maubisse in Timor Leste. Volunteers travelled from Australia to Timor Leste across a number of years to provide dental services and education programs, and today SSDC employs local dental technicians to continue the program in schools and the community of Maubisse.
What was the outcome/benefit of the project? 
Students and the community - around 8 schools in Maubisse have received free dental treatment and educational programs around the importance of dental hygiene. Over $250,000 work of treatment has been provided to the local communities since the program started in 2017.