The Asia Pacific region is one of the most disaster prone areas of the world.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical storms and flooding affect the population every year.   Canterbury Rotary has been undertaking medical missions in the Philippines for over 20 years.   After each calamity there is a great need to rapidly provide nutritious food, but it takes time for traditional welfare organisations to reach disaster areas and the food they supply is usually only made up of rice.   This provides energy, but is low in nutrition.   
FORaMEAL is formulated to rapidly meet the needs in these situations.   A single FORaMEAL pack provides a displaced family with a nutritious meal for six people.    Made up of rice, oats, lentils and a sachet of scientifically formulated vitamins and minerals, it provides nutrition when it is needed most.   And it needs nothing more than a pot of boiling water.    It is vegan, kosher and halal, and deliberately bland in favour, so that people can add spices, vegetables etc. to meet their cultural preferences.  
FORaMEAL comes in individual heat sealed packs which are easy to distribute, stored safely for long periods of time and provided free of charge by local Rotarians in disaster prone areas.  
Back in Australia, Canterbury Rotary, working with schools, other Rotary Clubs and other community groups, conducts events where 50+ volunteers assemble approximately 20,000 meals in about 2 hours.   
Whilst FORaMEAL was originally designed to meet the needs of disaster prone areas in Asia, in recent times Canterbury Rotary also distributed 200,000 meals during COVID lockdowns and even more recently sent 100,000 meals through the ADF to the people of Ukraine.   Donations can be tax deductible through RAWCS and easily accessed through the FORaMEAL website at