Life After Stroke ‒ Mentoring for Return to Community Engagement (a vocationally inspired program)

12,000 Victorians have a stroke each year. Stroke is the effect of blood supply not reaching the brain, either through burst blood vessel or blockage, and occurs at all ages and to both genders.

Most of those who survive a stroke require 12 months rehabilitation and are likely to have lost any employment they had. Most will want to re-engage with the community, including those wishing to return to the paid workforce, probably in a different role. This can prove to be very difficult and few succeed, as stroke survivors may have physical and cognitive disabilities that restrict opportunities.

The Life After Stroke (LAS) program is conducted in conjunction with Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) and provides for Rotarians to be supported to engage the Rotary network to find suitable community engagement, work experience and (where possible) paid work.

Participating Rotarians need to attend Rotary training in mentoring principles and entrepreneurship, and develop an understanding of the nature of stroke and its effects. No direct cost, however SAV will use donations to support the earlier stage of peer mentoring.

Program Representative: Bob Slater AM (Kew)