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The last Morning Tea with the DG for the Rotary year was on Saturday and I would like to thank all those who helped put it together, as well as the 130 participants on the day. We had a lot of fun, were entertained by great performers and heard from fantastic speakers. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Morning Teas over the year – seeing so many Rotarians from the District and other Districts join us online has been a real privilege for me.

Presentations from Dorothy Gilmour on Rotary Safe Families, Dr Suresh Marcandon on Australian Rotary Health’s Lift the Lid and Fabienne Nichola on the Environmental and Sustainability projects in the District were exceptional and a wonderful reminder of Rotary’s incredible impact. Partnering with other organisations is also something Rotary does so well and Terry McAleenan’s presentation on The Fathering Project struck a chord with many. I encourage Rotary clubs to reach out to Terry and see how you can work together on this exciting and worthwhile initiative for youth.

I congratulate Rotary Melbourne and President Marion McLeod for an incredible year, and in fact the Club’s century of achievement. Her presentation on the year that has been for the Club highlighted so many truly wonderful projects and events.

As it is the Centenary of Rotary in Australia, becoming a Rotary Centurion is a fantastic opportunity to support our giving tree, The Rotary Foundation. Our resident ‘Roman Centurion’, Gabe Hau, whilst a little wobbly on his chair, encouraged everyone to take up the Centenary Centurion Challenge and donate $100 for 100 years of Rotary for 100% of your Club. Doing so will also put you in the running to win The Centurion Shiraz, something we think Roman Centurion Gabe may have been sampling during his presentation, as he was certainly sampling something!

As everyone may be aware, we are even closer now to eradicating Polio with only two cases being recorded, one in Afghanistan and one in Pakistan. Tragically, the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan has seen six vaccine volunteers killed over recent weeks. All Rotarians worldwide share in the grief for these incredibly brave people who have lost their lives whilst working to save others and rid the world of an insidious disease. Our thoughts go out to all those who do such valuable, selfless work.

On a final note, both incoming District Governor Dale Hoy and I have decided to move the date of the District Changeover to 10 July due to the recent lockdowns and current restrictions. If you have already booked, you will be emailed about the change of date and your booking will be reregistered for the 10th.  If this date is no longer possible for you, a refund will be issued. For those who haven’t booked, you can do so via this link or via the District website. I hope to see you on the 10th.     

Have a great week in Rotary service everyone.

Rotary District 9800 Governor Philip Archer

A Great ‘Lift the Lid on Mental Illness’ Initiative

It was during the long lockdown that Rotarian Elisabeth Dumonic came up with a creative way of raising money for Australian Rotary Health’s Lift the Lid on Mental Health during Mental Illness Awareness week. It was a ZOOM presentation of selfies taken of people wearing funny hats. A $5 minimum donation was required to have a selfie in the presentation.

In many business circles today, there has been quite a shift from the formal behaviours of the past to a far more casual approach to the way we address one another, conduct meetings and even dress. COVID has further added to this with so many people working from home and video conferencing with work colleagues. These changes have also carried over into Rotary. While formality varies from club to club, Rotary has also adapted to a rapidly changing, fast-paced, technology driven world where formality and rules have softened.

Having admired Rotary Camberwell’s annual Art Show and wanting to support the community, Fabienne joined the Club thirteen years ago, is currently Club Secretary and will be President in 2022-23.

But it’s her long-standing interest in the environment and Rotary’s work in this area that has given her the opportunity to take her awareness and caring to a practical level. Her role as Co-Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Committee for District 9800 has been particularly rewarding, especially at a time when the Environment has become the seventh Area of Focus for Rotary International.

Speech by, Ravin Desai, Camberwell Grammar

Rotary Balwyn has run The Four-Way Test Public Speaking Showcase over many years with the objective of providing a competitive outlet for secondary students attending schools within the City of Boroondara to hone their public speaking skills and promote the Rotary Four-Way Test as a moral compass. In this competition students can speak on any subject that they feel is current, interesting or important. Their speech must however, be based on the application of Rotary’s Four-Way Test, with its principles running either expressly or implied throughout the entire speech.

The following transcript is from one of the four finalists, Ravin Desai.

A simple click is NEVER a simple click!

How one click can have a huge impact online.

By Henry Drury

You barely need to scratch the surface of an Australian locality to find the involvement of a pub. Malvern is no different. In 1853, English barrister Charles Skinner bought and sub-divided 84 acres of land on Glenferrie Road, south of Gardiners Creek and advertised this sub-division as the Malvern Hill Estate. It was named after the Malvern Hills spa country in England where his forbears had lived, but apparently no one really noticed. Not at least until he built a pub on the northwest corner of the present-day Glenferrie and Malvern Roads, naming it the Malvern Hill Hotel, cementing for evermore the hotel name as the title for the area.

Founded in 2004, the International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians was approved by the Rotary International Board in March 2005. Today, it has close to 2,000 members from around 84 countries across all continents.

Membership of the International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians is open to all Rotarians, Rotaractors and their partners and is free to join. Rotarians who can no longer play tennis, but love the game are also welcome. 

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