Around District  9800

Scott wanted paid work but because he had an intellectual disability, applying for jobs online as part of a competitive interviewing process didn’t work well for him. 
He had been told by Disability Services that the best place for him to work would be a segregated workshop with low wages and no chance of career advancement.
Over the last three years, Rotary Hoppers Crossing's International Committee has provided funding to sponsor eight (8) scholarships for poor, orphaned children in Pakistan.
These scholarships aim to transform the lives of students who otherwise would not be able to pay for tuition. The scholarship program involves collaborating with the Ghazali Educational Trust (GET) which is actively involved in running schools for disadvantaged students in Pakistan. These scholarships enable the students to graduate at the end of the 3-year program.
The New Woodend Star is a monthly community paper published by the Rotary Club of Woodend. It has become the Club’s highest-profile and most enduring contribution to the community.
It provides visibility for Rotary Woodend and our projects and is a fantastic way to promote Rotary International.
How did the seed of an idea to run a small local concert in North Melbourne to raise funds for the Ukraine crisis, grow into a concert in the Melbourne Town Hall, with over 700 people attending and raising so far $29,000?
As I (Ted) was singing with the Homebrew Verandah singers, this idea took hold that I could help my Ukraine family along with my cousins both in Poland and Ukraine. My Rotary Club loved the idea so I approached the Ukraine community, to invite their amazing choir and dance group Lehanda who also brought in the Association of Australian Ukraine in Victoria (AUV).
Rotarians and friends were excited to be together face-to-face enjoying Pies and Port at Rochester on Saturday 7th May. The consistent sound of chatter and laughter was a sign of freedom from the past two years of lockdown and wariness of being in crowded spaces. Rotary Rochester welcomed District Governor Dale Hoy and Maureen, representatives of 12 Rotary Clubs and Community members to their Pie and Port and Changeover evening. 
The Pie and Port night commenced in the early 1980s as a social night for members only and has developed into an occasion known throughout Rotary District 9800.