Cambodia’s Siem Reap is charming, culturally exquisite, and is home to the ancient wonder of Angkor Wat.  In this impoverished country tourism is Siem Reap’s lifeline and COVID severed it.  
It would be my great delight if you would consider joining me as I lead my 14th tour on behalf of Rotary in support of humanitarian sustainable projects which are identified and championed by local Khmers.
The 12-day tour starts on Monday 15th January 2024 and the cost including all hotels, meals, insurance, entry fees, transport, and other land costs is $1499.00 excluding flights.  
We will enjoy wonderful cultural and historical experiences, volunteering and supporting remote villages with water and sanitation projects, and school education/infrastructure needs as identified by local teachers, commune leaders, and the district governors.  All World of Difference projects are locally identified, and community relationships are critical to their success. The cultural and fun aspects of a tour are second to none, and accommodation and food are of a great standard.
The itinerary and costs are at:
For more information, please contact me on mobile: 0410 324 537 or email:
Bronwyn Stephens
0410 324 537