As we once again endure lockdown, I can’t help but feel that we are lucky to be in Rotary and to be able to share camaraderie and purpose, even though in this fourth lockdown it is done so via Zoom. So many people do not have anything like the Rotary family to keep their spirits buoyed through shared interests, the desire to do good in the world and build friendships. There is no doubt that there is angst and frustration being felt in our community right now, but as Rotarians we have much to fall back on that will sustain us through difficult times, including the Four-Way Test.
When we look at the evolution of the Four-Way Test, it began with a failing business that needed a moral compass on which to focus and guide it through difficult times. The Test is just as applicable during these difficult times and I urge you to consider it if you are facing challenges.
Just prior to lockdown, I was privileged to visit Rotary Balwyn and listen to four young students participating in the Club’s Public Speaking Competition using the Four-Way Test as the foundation. I was so impressed and inspired by these young leaders that each of the finalist’s speeches will be published in the forthcoming editions of Networker. In this edition, you will read how Christopher O’Connell from Scotch College has weaved the Four-Way Test into his observations of world politics. It is thought provoking indeed.
We are nearing the end of not just the Rotary year, but also the financial year. I would like to encourage all Rotarians who are considering making a tax-deductible donation prior their tax returns being completed to make The Rotary Foundation your beneficiary. Donations can be made via this link: If you are a Centurion or considering becoming one and donating just $100 in the 100th year of Rotary, please use the same link. If you are considering becoming a Paul Harris Society Member please contact Julie Mason at If you are considering becoming a Major Donor, please contact Dennis Shore at
If you have already donated to The Rotary Foundation, a heartfelt thank you!
On Saturday 19th June, the final Morning Tea with the DG will be held from 10.00am to noon and promises to be a real variety show extravaganza. We will have a look back over the year, as well as hear from a number of great speakers and entertainers. Do register and join with me as we celebrate the year that’s been in true Rotary style!
Have a great week in Rotary service everyone.
Rotary District 9800 Governor Philip Archer