Rotary Engagement during COVID-19

There is no doubt that we are and will be feeling the impact of the COVID-19 virus for many months to come. Health authorities, Government and Rotary International are providing advice about what to do to ensure the spread of the virus is limited and our health systems are not overwhelmed.  Rotary clubs have already suspended events and some have suspended meetings for 4-6 weeks. As you know all District Conferences in Australia have been cancelled, and yesterday the Youth Exchange Safari was cancelled.  Along with many Rotarians I am concerned that these measures will have a negative impact on our clubs.
Twice weekly get together on Zoom. The meetings will occur every Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm, commencing 18 March 2020.  This is open to any Rotarian in D9800 who wishes to join us.
Here is a Guide with ideas and suggestions for how to stay engaged and connected with your club members.  It is vital that members communicate with each other and do not become isolated.  So please do read this and Stay Connected.
To join this D9800 Zoom Meeting:
  1. Your computer or phone can be used with a camera and microphone
  2. Use this link to open the Zoom window
  3. You will soon see everyone who has joined the meeting
Initial items for discussion include
  1. Brief overview of Zoom for first time users
  2. Current situation and recommendations
  3. Measures being taken across the district
  4. Maintaining engagement
    1. Regular contact with club members (phone calls/email/zoom)
    2. Follow the advice of the WHO and local health authorities
    3. Reduce unnecessary interactions that could cause infections.
    4. Implementing use of video conferencing programs.
    5. Put a greater emphasis on the work we do in our communities
      1. Helping our less fortunate neighbours cope with the effects of isolation and fear
      2. Help health authorities communicate best practices or provide needed equipment
    6. Now is a great time to enhance your electronic communications such as club bulletins, websites and social media such as Facebook.
    7. Connect into the social media pages other community groups and organisations in your community. This is a great way to stay connected and even broaden your reach.
    8. Help your less fortunate neighbours cope with the effects of isolation and fear
    9. Look after fellow Rotarians who may also be doing it tough financially and socially.
  5. Answering questions and discussion
  6. Other matters
Please review the items being discussed and even if not able to connect each time on Zoom I hope that you will discuss and consider the alternatives and look at the opportunity it provides, to show how Rotary can remain relevant to the community and to each other.
For those not comfortable or able to use Zoom I am happy to discuss other alternatives to ensure you and your club remain connected.
Remember the theme this year is Rotary Connects the World.
Stay healthy, support each other and your community.
DG Grant