Posted by Dorothy Gilmour

The Rotary SAFE Families website now has Guides translated in 6 languages. The Guides were created for YOU and YOUR Club to download, print and give to your neighbourhood migrant/refugee communities who may not be fluent in the English language.

‘Rotary SAFE Families’ was established in 2018 to help stop all forms of family violence by addressing its underlying causes.
Rotary SAFE Families has translated its Guide for Prevention of Family Abuse into six languages, including Dari, Farsi, Swahili, Greek, Hindi and Mandarin.
A win-win for everyone, you can add your Club logo to the front page and start your Club's project to assist non-English speaking Australians to become informed of their rights and responsibilities in prevention of family and sexual abuse in Australia.
The Guides are not fancy; they don’t need expensive paper; and they can be printed A4 or A5 size.  We don't need fancy materials to prevent family abuse!
See the RESOURCES/Translations of Guide Tab on the Rotary SAFE Families website for the Guides:
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