Posted on Jan 23, 2023

In April 2022, Rotary Club of Richmond received a call for assistance and financial support from Thomas Williams, Head of Music at Richmond High School.  The request was for funds to purchase a much needed baritone saxophone for the school, an item not provided to State Schools by the Ministry of Education.

Pictured are Thomas Williams, Principal Lars Andersson, Mark Dwyer, and Maria Makris with the baritone sax. 

Rotary Richmond Board, Foundation Director Mark Dwyer, and Youth Services Director Maria Makris worked effectively to fundraise and apply for a District 9800 matching grant. The Club was very pleased that their grant application was approved in a timely manner and it could proceed with the purchase of the instrument. The club received a message of appreciation from Thomas Williams: 
Dear Rotarians, I hope this finds you all well. 
Here, at Richmond High School, our students are benefiting greatly from our new purchase of the baritone saxophone. All our saxophone students have been able to have a go on this new instrument, and we have delegated it to two of our more advanced students to play in two ensembles - the wind ensemble, and the big band. Having another instrument support the bass line in our ensembles has helped the overall sound and support of each group, and the kids are having a lot of fun playing the new instrument! 
Thank you so much for your contribution to this - please know that it has made a positive difference to our students.