By Helena Wimpole

In historical terms, the development of railroads has occurred relatively recently. The need for good, reliable transport of coal for the Industrial Revolution provided the impetus. During 1825 in the United Kingdom, George Stephenson applied the steam technology of the day and created the world’s first successful locomotive, which was authorised to carry both freight and passengers. Thereafter, railroads were constructed throughout Europe, the US and many other parts of the world.

The International Fellowship of Railroading Rotarians (IFRR) is made up of Rotarians who have an interest in railroading in any format, type, size or related interest. This may consist of steam, diesel, electric, model railroads, rail fan photography, rail travel, railroad collectibles, private rail cars, trolley cars and whatever related interest there is from the membership. The Fellowship arranges railroading activities and events according to the desires of the membership. Activities may range from organising or providing assistance for train travel, both international and national, to sharing tips and ideas for model railroads.

The Fellowship has its own regular newsletter, Smokestack, to keep members well informed. As with other Rotary Fellowships, the Rotary International Conventions are a wonderful way for members to meet up with each other and share their passion for all things railroading.

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