Four new regional myeloma support groups established

The ROMP Committee of the Rotary Club of Camberwell is delighted to report that four new myeloma support groups have recently been created in regional Victoria – in Horsham, Bairnsdale, Warrnambool and Mildura - for the benefit of their local communities.

There’s something about Rotary and acronyms. We love them and they are all around us, representing great Rotary service initiatives. Now RYLA, RYPEN, ROMAC and many more have been quietly joined by “ROMP”. The Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program is a major on-going program of the Rotary Club of Camberwell (with the support of many regional Rotary clubs) in collaboration with Myeloma Australia, the only myeloma specific charity in Australia.

Since 2019, Rotary clubs in regional Victoria have been joining the monthly ROMP Forum, promoting knowledge of myeloma – a type of blood cancer that has no cure – and supporting members of their own communities that are living with the myeloma disease.

The ROMP initiative seeks to ensure that people in regional Victoria who are living with myeloma have access to the same quality information and support services that are provided in Melbourne and other capital cities.

A core ROMP aim is to ensure that every myeloma patient regardless of their address has access to a myeloma support group led by a qualified myeloma nurse…
 “No myeloma patient is to live more than one hour from a myeloma support group.”

There are now Myeloma Australia support groups in each of the nine geographic regions of country Victoria, and giving access to support families that are touched by myeloma.

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