Posted by DG Amanda Wendt on Apr 06, 2023

Photo of members of Rotary Activate Victoria volunteering at Avalon CentreWelcome to new members of our just-chartered club Rotary Activate Victoria Club. Rotary Activate has signed 22 new members for the District, and three transferring members. The new ‘Activators’ have already been out in force volunteering at Avalon Centre helping to sort goods for those experiencing homelessness.

In a fantastic demonstration of principles in action, District Service Chair Lili Teichman has been working with meaningful, hands, convenient projects to connect with more volunteers, with Rotary Activate demonstrating how to activate those volunteers into members, by pitching Rotary’s Vocational Advantage.

Activate is looking forward to connecting new members with projects and mentors across our clubs, to help them find their best fit in the Rotary family.

Discover new ways to pitch Rotary to participating volunteers:

Partner with Rotary Activate for project volunteers or mentor relationships: