Posted on Oct 22, 2022

The two-day Global Congress Against Malaria brings respected malaria experts, governments, NGO's, corporates, Rotarians and non-Rotarians together in Melbourne, Australia, to share, educate and discuss how to Finish the Fight Against Malaria. 

 For the earlybird rate, available to 23rd February 2023: 

Malaria is treatable and curable, yet a child still dies of it almost every minute. This is the tragedy we must stop together. 

The last World Malaria Congress was held in 2018. Since then, the world has suffered almost 3 years of COVID-19 disruptions. These disruptions affected all aspects of our lives, including the stalling of progress which previously was made towards the elimination of malaria. 

According to the WHO World Malaria report 2021, malaria deaths and cases increased globally by 12% and 6% respectively. That is 241,000,000 million individuals whose lives and communities are negatively affected by the burden of this disease. Malaria predominately impacts children under 5, pregnant women and the elderly. Due to COVID disruptions it is now estimated a child under 5 dies almost every minute of malaria, even though malaria is treatable and curable. 

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