Looking for a guest speaker for your Club Meeting or event?  Know of a speaker that you would recommend to other Clubs?
We have two speakers from Speaker Bank to feature this month:  Darren Park, forensic accountant, and CEO 'Pathfinders Forensic, and Hunter Leonard, award-winning marketer and founder of 'Silver & Wise'
 Darren Park is a forensic accountant, solicitor, chartered accountant and technology consultant.  He is CEO of Pathfinders Forensic, a boutique firm providing forensic, accounting, technology, and litigation support services.  Darren has over 25 years’ experience in helping clients overcome legal and commercial challenges.  These include investigations of fraud and other improper conduct, civil disputes, forensic technology reviews, asset tracing, workplace relations disputes, risk management, family law investigations, intellectual property protection, due diligence, and corporate governance.
Darren has conducted assignments throughout Australia and overseas for a wide variety of clients, including multinational companies, small business, government agencies, Not For Profits and individuals. 
Darren is also a Rotarian, after commencing his Rotary journey as Charter President of the Rotaract Club of Central Melbourne in 1998.
Darren’s presentation style is easy to understand and he strives to make his talks visually engaging and memorable.
Darren has eight topics, including:
  • To catch a thief!
  • Staying safe from online scams, identity theft and other cyber crime
  • Can you keep a secret? - how to secure trade secrets and other confidential information 
  • Protecting Not For Profits from fraud: revealing insights and tactics
Hunter Leonard, founder of Silver & Wise, is an accomplished and in demand MC and speaker. He speaks on a number of important business topics such as strategic marketing; and social issues like ageism and the waste of experience.
Hunter is a multi-award-winning marketer and best-selling author of seven books, including Maturity Blues, The Experience Equation, Generation Experience and Red Giraffe.
He has a ‘deep passion for seeing a world where we embrace the fact there will be more mature workers, more mature people contributing to our economy, and a more mature world overall'
Hunter is helping 'one mature Aussie at a time, on a mission to help end ageism'. More information at: https://www.bluefrogmarketing.com.au/
NOTE: Due to a change in his location, Hunter Leonard is now only available via ZOOM
Both speakers, and many others can be found on the District 9800 website at: https://rotarydistrict9800.org.au/sitepage/club-service/speaker-bank
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Don’t forget, if you have a speaker that you would recommend for the District Speaker Bank, please contact Jill Weeks: jill.weeks@lifestylematters.com.au