Geoff joined Rotary when his boss at Sigma, who was a Rotarian at Springvale, invited him to a couple of meetings. Liking the atmosphere, Geoff determined he would join a club in his area if ever he was asked. That opportunity came when Rotary Balwyn started the North Balwyn Club, Geoff becoming a Charter member on 8 May 1980.

With an Applied Diploma of Chemistry and a Bachelor of Commerce, Geoff began his career as a chemist with Sigma Pharmaceuticals.  After attending a lecture in the 1970s, Geoff saw a business opportunity for locally manufactured health foods, and started Melrose Health in 1979. From modest beginnings operating from his Balwyn home garage, Geoff and wife Judy, provided a range of additive-free products. Moving the business to Box Hill and then Mitcham, they were the first in Australia to distribute flaxeed oil. Their fish and cod liver oils are still being produced today. Geoff sold the business in 2010 and retired two years later, aged 82.

Married for 63 years, Geoff and Judy have four children.  Geoff is very proud of his close-knit family.  

With many highlights as a Rotarian, Geoff particularly enjoyed organising the catering at the Grand Prix, an important fundraiser for the Club, and one which earned the respect and ongoing support from the Grand Prix management.  Annual fellowship weekends away with the Club; attending nearly every District 9800 Conference; the quality of the Club’s guest speakers; the convivial atmosphere of the weekly meetings; and, the many good Rotary friends made who would lend a hand at any time, are all highlights for Geoff. He actively promotes two Rotary programs that he considers very special: Camp Getaway and Donations In Kind.

Geoff’s business maxim at Melrose Health was:  “We provide solutions to people’s problems.” In Rotary, he has a ‘can do’ philosophy and says: “We can do it. Just ask around and you’ll find someone who can help.”

With a belief that a key challenge for Rotary is that its membership remains relevant and strong, Geoff very much agrees that Rotarians ‘do good in the world.’ At club level, he would like to see fireside chats return, when small groups of Rotarians, new and experienced, get together at someone’s home to enjoy each other’s company, and learn about, as well as discuss Rotary, such as the importance of the Avenues of Service.

Geoff has been providing health tips in the Club’s weekly newsletter for years. He is now compiling these with the intention of releasing them in a book for the interest of club members and friends.