Rotary provides an excellent opportunity for members who like to try their hand at writing. This may include newsletters and editing Rotary Club and District Bulletins.

The International Fellowship of Rotary Editors and Publishers, which was charted in June 2003, is the largest of all the Fellowships, with many worldwide members.

An important part of this Fellowship includes the Rotary Global History Fellowship. This aspect offers access to many tens of thousands of individual articles, included in four thousand pages of documentation. As this is such an enormous amount of information, the Club has created a’ how to find it’ method of assistance.

Of great interest is the story and of Paul Harris, the man who founded Rotary in Chicago in 1905. His aims for Rotary and his wise quotations over the years are in many ways still relevant today. There are also many other men and women who have made great strides in Rotary and their stories are also worthy of documented Rotary history.

The philosophy of the IFREP is that Rotarians can get to know other editors and publishers, share ideas and information about editing and publishing Rotary documents and help each other promote Rotary.

The Purpose of the IFREP is to provide an easy method to contribute, distribute and search for ideas and information for Bulletin editors; encourage more club members to accept the opportunity to be bulletin editor; improve retention of current bulletin editors and improve club member’s knowledge of Rotary.

Bulletin editors are a vital part of Rotary.

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