Posted by Val Cuniffe on Nov 23, 2022

In July 2022, a shipment of FORaMEAL packs containing 100,000 meals was dispatched to the Philippines.  When the shipment arrived, the packs were distributed to five strategically placed Rotary Clubs in the Philippines ready for when they would be needed following disasters such as floods and fire.  It wasn’t long before that aid was needed. 

Very soon after, in late July, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the mountainous province of Abra, north of Manila, triggering landslides, killing 11 people, injuring around 615 people and causing massive damage to property and infrastructure.  Within days, the teams of Rotary volunteers and Government agencies had distributed much needed food packs to the thousands of people in the area who had been displaced. 

Later, in September 2022, fire ravaged through a squatter area in Masbate City, Manila destroying around 60 houses. It is believed that some 800 people were displaced from their homes.  Again, Rotarians and others were able to distribute FORaMEAL packs to those who had lost everything in the fires. 

More recently, Typhoon Paeng hit the Philippines in the region around Cainta Rizal, near Manila, causing massive flooding and destruction with reports of more than 150 people killed, and 36 missing.  Within days, Rotarians were on the ground: in particular the Rotary Club of Cainta arriving on the scene with 20 boxes of FORaMEAL with volunteers distributing bags of product to those in need over 3 weekends. 

FORaMEAL is a project of the Rotary Club of Canterbury.  With the help of sponsors and assistance from Rotarians from many clubs, schools, and other volunteers to pack the meals, over 500,000 meals have been distributed free of charge, including those that were put to such great use in the Philippines.   

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