By Rowan McClean, District 9800 Club Service Chair

A simple tool to guide clear thinking, planning and effective delivery for project meetings is to use and implement what is known as PDOPurpose and Desired Outcomes.

When you are setting up a meeting or a project, define the Purpose of the activity, i.e. why are we doing it?  Clearly spelling out the purpose allows you to focus and save time as well as resources.

Why are we having this meeting?  "Well, we always meet on Mondays!”  Is there a Purpose for it, or are we just falling into a pattern that wastes time and resources?

Clarifying the Purpose of a project can also be valuable. Purpose is not the ‘What’ or the ‘How’ – it is the ‘Why’.

The second valuable component is thinking about what we want to end up with when the activity is finished. Not just 'pie in the sky', but a realistic assessment of the results we are pursuing and can achieve.

A hypothetical example is:  "The Purpose of this meeting is to discuss our possible contribution to indigenous health. The Desired Outcomes are to agree on a list of medical equipment we can fund from a request from the Alice Springs Health Service, and to task one of our project group members to submit a business case for the expenditure to our next Club Board meeting."


Simple … action-orientated ... clear … effective.  Try PDO as a good practice tool.