Posted by Pam Norton

Thanks to the efforts of Rotarians and volunteers from GlaxoSmithKline, the area at the rear of Kew Rotary Club's Fair Trade shop at 650 High St East Kew was transformed from a rather overgrown space into a potential haven for bees following an onsite working “bee”. 

Kew Rotarian Jenny Gale, ably assisted by fellow Rotarian, Colleen Orr, organised the twenty corporates who spent the day digging, weeding and potting. The area is now tidy and ordered, with a large area cleared and fertilised ready for plants and other plants that that will attract bees, as well as herbs that will be sold in the shop.  

Along with many of the regular volunteers, Jennie grows vegetables which are then donated to charity. Once the planting is complete, the new garden will be a beautiful and productive home for bees.