It was fantastic to see Rotarians getting together in person again for wonderful fellowship and networking last Saturday at the Multi District Conference District 9800 Breakout Session and Showcase. We all had a ball, especially during the Bollywood dancing class! There were approximately 50 stalls at the Showcase and these provided a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and build new networks. The speakers from the Conference also allowed us to think about reflecting on, and respecting what we have achieved over the last century, but also inspired us with ideas on moving forward in the next century, particularly through the Rotary Foundation Australia’s Public Benevolent Institution being able to attract donations from private ancillary funds and major corporates. This will give us the opportunity to do bold, large scale projects to build community resilience in homelessness, environment, mental health and youth development by working with key opinion leaders in philanthropic, government, corporate and community sectors. It is indeed an exciting time ahead for Rotary in Australia!

I would like to congratulate all the entrants and recipients of the District 9800 Recognition Awards held on Saturday at the Showcase. Rotary clubs never cease to inspire and amaze with the incredible array of innovative projects they undertake that make such a difference in the world. It has been a difficult year under COVID, but our District‘s clubs have shown just how resilient, creative and persistent they can be even under the most challenging of times. Every D9800 Rotarian should feel very proud! 

To all those who helped with the organisation of the Multi District Virtual Conference and our District 9800 Breakout Session & Showcase, please accept my sincere appreciation for your amazing efforts.

I am delighted to advise that the ABC’s Gardening Australia presenter, Costa Georgiadis, has agreed to be an ambassador for Rotary to attract volunteers and donors who may then become members and people of action to help us with our projects, as we embark on our next century of giving. 

As we have now entered the final two months of this Rotary year, I would like to encourage all clubs to focus on member retention and recruitment. With so much happening and so many opportunities ahead of us, we need more volunteers to help us. This link will take you to a document showing your club’s membership both historically and currently. If you need help with how your club can increase its membership please contact your club’s President, Assistant Governor or Membership Director Peter Frueh on

Have a great week everyone.

Rotary District 9800 Governor Philip Archer