Who and What

You need to make immediate impact by capturing the attention of your website visitors. Many people don’t know Rotary let alone all the great things we do. Tell them who we are and headline the outstanding things your club does.

Put your internal member information on a separate page of the site so that prospective members are not lost in the detail.

Immediate Contact Information

Web surfers have short attention spans.  Make sure your club’s contact information is immediately visible, including when you meet.

A Clear Path

Consider putting an “I’m interested in…” tab on your front page to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.  Use a drop down menu showing community service projects, youth projects, international projects, membership issues, and special events.  Save them time.


Make sure your server is fast and efficient.  People will not wait for slow downloads.

Some Sizzle, More Steak

Minimise flashy effects and stress benefits and achievements.

The Drum Beat

Humans can only process a limited number of facts at one time.  Don’t overwhelm the visitor.  Focus on one or two of your club’s most attractive features or projects and continue them through your site.


People respond to benefits, not just features. Tell them why being a Rotarian is attractive, how it will expand valuable relationships and how it will help them to help others.


Communicate how welcoming and supportive your club is to its members. Briefly outline your culture. Make people want to join in.


Utility is important.  Do something to add value for members and visitors.  For example, You can make them aware of useful apps such as the Emergency +, health and international weather apps.  Summarise the goldmine that is My Rotary.


Make it easy to update the site with exciting new developments and achievements. Change content regularly, including pictures.


Use large non-serif font to make it easy to read.  Use colours pleasant to the eye.  Use attractive pictures of club meetings and projects.  Many people are visual.

Call to Action

Finally, put yourself in the shoes of an outsider.  We need new members. Tell them how to take that step.

For inspiration, Networker recommends clubs look at the following sites in District 9800: