CONTACT US with ideas that you have and SHARE WITH OTHER CLUBS room?

Looking for ideas to connect with your local community? Other clubs have already come up with some ideas...




Write a positive letter to Nursing home residents    
Start up a two sided card for your street or lifestyle/retirement village. One side Red means I need some help, the other is Green meaning i am OK. AS people walk past they know to make contact if needed.  Bacchus Marsh click here
Some exercise ideas on line  Royal Auto Magazine click here
My Rotary on line training courses MyRotary Learning Centre click here
Inter-club meetings on zoom.  Invite other Clubs in your Cluster to share their online meeting details or arrange a Cluster Zoom Meeting Club Directory click here
Donating meal costs not being spent each week into a club fund/TRF/End Polio if members can afford it---possibly use on line funding program so people can remain anonymous. Check out the options click here
Gift basket to local Ambo stations and hospitals -choc, Easter eggs, fruit, nuts.... Woodend click here
Trivia night Zoom club meeting (D9800) District 9800 click here
Book club on zoom- club sets a book every 4-6 weeks and at the scheduled time the meeting reviews everyone thoughts on the book and discusses the book.  Passport Club click here
Check out what Zoom / Online Meetings are available elsewhere RC Mt Lawley click here
Coffee van free coffee for hospital night shifts () Melbourne Park click here
Listen to Podcasts from Rotary Radio Rotary Radio click 
I am thinking of drawing a background sketch of our local town with caricatures of some of our members and others in the foreground, together with a brief history of our town and surrounding area. The sketch may give us the personal touch between clubs in R.I. and bring a much needed smile to folks in these unhappy times.
Taking the idea a bit further other clubs could do the same, and could we not raise much needed funds if we asked members to download, if they so wished, for a nominal sum  CLUB; Diss & District . 1080 (No. 19176) Norfolk, England.
 Looking after International Uni students. They normally have part time jobs but not at the moment and are struggling. 
Childhood Photos on line or at meetings. Idea is for members of a club to privately submit a childhood or baby photo. These are published amongst members and then a competition held for all members to correctly guess who is the member in the photo. Probably great for an on line meeting.
Peace Building Club. Clubs should work towards becoming a Peace Building Club. Big tick in the box for a Foundation activity. Easy to achieve. 
Gabe Hau click here
Friday drinks with your club members- pure social and chat.
Members to do a cooking demonstration with each member showing their favourite recipe. After the meeting they can be collected and published in a book to aid fundraising.
Castlemaine: So far we have matched up around 60 residents at Castlemaine Health with a pen pal over the next few months while they are not receiving visitors. That’s about half. Some Rotarians have been joined by members of the community and their family and friends who are excited to have an opportunity to correspond with residents who have an amazing history, scientists and ballerinas just to name a few interesting back-grounds!